Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Evening Update

This evening I'm experiencing something I do not feel very often.  
Peace.  Calmness.  And a feeling that this week will not "kick me in the butt."  (Sorry, I hope no one minded that I used the word butt!)
I can not remember the last time that a Sunday evening felt so calm.  Normally, I'm bordering on an anxiety attack.  I guess that is what happens when you actually take time for yourself.

Over the last four days, my children were in the care of my dear friend Adriane and then in the care of my parents.  I spent four days with my husband.  We prayed.  We read.  We did devotions together.  I slept.  We dated.  We double dated.  We hung out with friends.  We played video games.  We watched TV.  We ate.  And then we ate some more (this was not a good weekend for my diet!) I exercised.  We laughed.  We even talked about big family decisions.  Essentially, we were man and wife.  And it was amazing.

I'm working on trimming my schedule down bit by bit.  But, for now I have things that I do not want to bail on because I have not yet completed them.  So, to get four days off from work, without children, and without obligations to anyone else...well, you can see what a blessing that was!

Seven years later, I'm still a giddy, smiling bride....I kept telling David over and over how glad I am to be married to him!

Switching gears a little bit, I wanted to tell you all a little bit more about the exercising end of my life.  I think I may have mentioned about joining the YMCA in Edinboro to you all one time before.  And I will admit, it took me a couple weeks to figure out my schedules and how to acclimate myself to the Y, it's classes, and all that it offers, but I'm really starting to love it!!!  

I'm so excited about it.  You all know I'm a people person, so getting to workout with other people is fun, albeit intimidating.  I'm writing a blog specifically devoted to that called "The Great Y Experiment" which someday I'll figure out how to link for you, so you can read too if you would like!

On another note, I haven't weighed myself since the end of bootcamp.  I'm pretty sure I'm up some.  I'm not sure how much, but I'm afraid of the psychological issues that will arise as a result of the number.  I'm not sure if it will be a motivator or a hindrance.  I know I can decide for myself, but I haven't been feeling the strongest lately.  Anyone have any thoughts or encouragement in this area?  

Well, I just wanted to check in with my beloved readers!  Hope you all are doing well!


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  1. Miss Sarah, weight is a number and nothing more.
    It is how you are feeling and how your clothes fit that are a better indicator. Yes we ALL get a little wonky when the scale doesn't comply with our efforts or is not where we think it should be. To this day I freak when it goes up a bit. Funny it is not the scales fault if I overindulged or slacked on exercise, but I still blame it. There are times when the scale motivates me beyond my expectations, others where it causes me to stumble. And gasp if it reads too good then I find I sabotage myself. You are a strong faith filled woman. You will do what is right for you. Blessings to you my friend.