Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First Day of School

Three blocks away, in a dull roar of excitement, new sneakers, and fresh haircuts, my children are adjusting to the new school year.  I had planned on walking them to school today, only to have that plan washed out by a steady, calm rain.  So, we drove on over to the school and got them settled in.  (Well, Lydia was still crying when I left, but I know that she will be enjoying her preschool day in no time!)

Back here at home, I'm enjoying hearing the rain.  I did a list of 8 things in 38 minutes.  I've been pondering scriptures as I roam around my house piecing this leftover summer mess together.  I've been thinking of how much inner turmoil my heart has had lately.  I've been thinking about a stress test I will be taking on Friday and praying the results are positively connected to the hard work I've done with my weight loss.

I also took the time to sign back into MyFitnessPal and enter in my newest weight.  According to MFP, I've lost 44 pounds since I started tracking on their site.  That's quite an accomplishment.  I've been  very aware of what I've been eating lately, and I've been making purposeful decisions to include more veggies and to eat only what my body needs.  Truthfully, that has been very easy since my appetite has been all but non-existent lately.  Even my "old normal" go to's like pizza and ice cream make me queasy.  But, nevertheless, it still takes discipline to make sure you are eating chicken and green beans when you do not have an appetite.

I miss my kids, but I'm so relieved to have solitude.  Next week the ministries that I'm involved in will kick in and my daytimes will be a little more busy and people filled.  I'm just going to enjoy this day, rejoice in the Lord and try to hand my worries over to Him, one by one.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

8:01 am

The time is 7:55am.
At 8:00 the phone lines will open for my doctors office.  I will call and hear the news.
Something came back wrong with my blood work.
I got the message last night about 4 minutes after Deb, the nurse, left for the day.
So, I've been waiting.
For hours.
Wondering.  Anxious.  Trying to rest in God's peace.
I've prayed.
I've hoped.
I've tried positive thinking.
I've prayed more.
I've had my friends pray.
And I've had David pray.

This morning I had a stroke of genius, and I opened God's word.  (I know?!?)
Deuteronomy 31:8 "The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you;  he will never leave you nor forsake you.  Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged."

God's already there.  He knows what the phone call is about.  He knew what my lab results would be.  I need to let go of my anxiousness and know that God commands me to not be afraid or discouraged.  Time to cling to the Word of God in all it's amazing power.

Oh, it's now 8:01am.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Tale of Summer Sunday School Skipper

Many times in live, as we grow, as we age, as we see God's calling a tad bit more clear, we discover things about ourselves that are very surprising.  For me, one of the most startling things is the unlayering of my true personality.  
To be quite honest, for years, I thought that I was as "single layer" as you get.  I was (and still am!) a mostly happy, bubbly, talkative people-lover.  That part has not changed one bit.  However, as God has called me deeper into motherhood, deeper into my faith, and now has instilled a passion in my heart for writing, I'm discovering a new layer of myself.
I'm a secret introvert.  
I definitely have extroverted qualities.  And I love the extroverted lifestyle.
But, for me to recharge, to feel whole, and to feel "me" I have to have time alone.
Many times what you read is a product of that alone time.  And, if you have noticed, there has not been much writing production on my blog this summer.
The simple fact is that I'm almost never alone.

David's been working LONG, LONG hours, which leave him exhausted, and me as the sole parental unit for 90% of the summer days.  I babysit for a living during the summer.  I have four kids (my two included in this) which I never let out of my sight, and most of the time are within touching distance of me.  I answer more, "Mom, how come?" questions than I ever even knew existed. Even my nighttime rest has been interrupted with nightmares, or sore tummies, or an exhausted husbands snores.  

So, a girl like me has to find a way to recharge.  That's why, during the summer, I'm a Sunday School Skipper.  Every Sunday morning, I get up.  I get to church and worship the Lord happily.  I take notes, I get excited how to apply the Scriptures to my life.  After the service, I visit with my church friends.  The smiles warm my heart.  The hugs and prayers soothe my soul.  Then, I drop Micah and Lydia off at Sunday School.  But, after that, the shameful part comes.  Next, I slip out of that church as quickly as I can.  I leave the remaining Humes Family members to be immersed in more Christian Education...and I sneak home.  It's literally the only hour a week I get to myself during the summer.

It's a hard trade off.  I love studying at Sunday School.  I love visiting with other church members before and after class.  But, I can not tell you how good this feels.  I hear birds and a cricket chirping.  I have a beautiful worship CD on, that is turned on just loud enough to hear it.  I can hear the keys of the keyboard clicking as I type.  And I'm alone.  With my thoughts.  With the Word of God.  With my cup of milk and a slice of banana bread.  A chance to sit quiet and let the Holy Spirit fill me before I start all over again this week.

During the school year, I have more of a schedule, and more regular alone time, and I've thoroughly enjoyed the things I've been studying in my Sunday School class.  But, right now, I can't stop praising God that I live almost next door to my church, and I can quietly sneak away and be refreshed...even if it's only for one hour a week. It reinforces to me the Father really cares about his children!  I love being a cherished daughter of the King...the King of the Universe who isn't surprised at all by my newly found desire to hide away in His presence alone.