Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First Day of School

Three blocks away, in a dull roar of excitement, new sneakers, and fresh haircuts, my children are adjusting to the new school year.  I had planned on walking them to school today, only to have that plan washed out by a steady, calm rain.  So, we drove on over to the school and got them settled in.  (Well, Lydia was still crying when I left, but I know that she will be enjoying her preschool day in no time!)

Back here at home, I'm enjoying hearing the rain.  I did a list of 8 things in 38 minutes.  I've been pondering scriptures as I roam around my house piecing this leftover summer mess together.  I've been thinking of how much inner turmoil my heart has had lately.  I've been thinking about a stress test I will be taking on Friday and praying the results are positively connected to the hard work I've done with my weight loss.

I also took the time to sign back into MyFitnessPal and enter in my newest weight.  According to MFP, I've lost 44 pounds since I started tracking on their site.  That's quite an accomplishment.  I've been  very aware of what I've been eating lately, and I've been making purposeful decisions to include more veggies and to eat only what my body needs.  Truthfully, that has been very easy since my appetite has been all but non-existent lately.  Even my "old normal" go to's like pizza and ice cream make me queasy.  But, nevertheless, it still takes discipline to make sure you are eating chicken and green beans when you do not have an appetite.

I miss my kids, but I'm so relieved to have solitude.  Next week the ministries that I'm involved in will kick in and my daytimes will be a little more busy and people filled.  I'm just going to enjoy this day, rejoice in the Lord and try to hand my worries over to Him, one by one.

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