Friday, April 15, 2016

Dear Future Me

Dear Future Sarah,
I'm writing this in April.  I hope you will come read it again come June or July. I think I have some wisdom from a quiet morning to share with you.
I know you are quitting your babysitting job, and that is terrifying for you.  You are comfortable babysitting.  You love those boys as if they were your own.  You have the routine down, and there is safety in the known.
But, as usual, God quite often calls us into the unknown.  You are being shooed from a world with a rather steady income (provided all parties stay healthy and there are no big snow storms.)  into a place where there is no promise of you making anything.  You are giving up the snuggles, playtime, storytime and the quiet wonder of afternoon naptime.
Instead, Sarah, God is calling you to your next thing.  BEING A WRITER.
You have played and toyed with this idea for years now.  But, this is the time.  God is unwrapping all the circumstances, and it's happening right in front of you.  You can't deny it.  If you want to make it in the writing world, then, girl you have to write.
Let's set some goals to make sure you are on the best track when you reread this in a few months.
1.  Have you grown in your spiritual disciplines?  I know you want  your writing to shine and drip with the love of Jesus.  You can only  do that if you are soaking it in.  Are you praying?  Are you journaling?  Are you reading your Bible?  Are you reading other works by Christian people?  And, just in case you need an extra reminder...are you sure you are praying enough?
2.  Have you been taking walks?  Sarah, you know when you walk that ideas come into your mind.  You are inspired.  Have you taken your notebook down to the boardwalk and sat on the log and made notes?  I know you are kind of scared to walk there alone, but most likely you will not be eaten by a bear or a wild boar, and, if you do, well, writing is about taking risks.  Do this if you haven't!  You know the inspiration and the spiritual connection you feel with God at that place.
3.  Have you painted the "study?"  Have you switched the rooms around and made a purposeful place for you to be inspired?  I know that this will take a while and you may get overwhelmed, but don't let overwhelming feelings stop you from creating a place to express yourself!  That little room is in your house for a reason!  Let it be a place for spiritual refreshment and connection!
4.  Have you contacted newpapers?  Magazines?  Have you linked your blog on link up events?  Yes, these also take risks...but they are necessary.
5.  Please, make sure you read more about the technology of blogging.  Learn how to do more things with your blog!
6.  Have you actually read through the information you have downloaded from Compel writing training.
7.  Maybe you should finally get up the courage to ask David about taking the course from compel if you have done #6.
8.  Sarah, I want to encourage you to do word paintings.  There are words that inspire you.  Paint them.  Decorate them.  Embrace them.  Have you painted "Selah" yet?  If not, start here please.

There are hundreds of other things I want to tell you, but I don't want current me or future me to get overwhelmed.  I know you are busy.  I know you have VBS planning and wrap up, and that you will be traveling for Title 1 this summer. I know you will probably have kids crawling all over your house this summer.  But, I want to make sure you are beginning the practice of writing every single day now, this summer.  Yes, even before the kids go back to school, and even before someone commits to publishing you.

God made you emotional and expressive for a reason.  You love this world.  You want to inspire them and draw them close to a God that loves them so much.  So, get writing.  No excuses.  God has something big planned for you in the future....and maybe, just maybe by the time you reread this, you know what it is!

Pray, Love, and Live Well,
Sarah Rose

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  1. I'm inspired by your plans and goals. I may have to sign up for some technology lessons from you!