Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Sting of Rejection

Word on the street is "the letter is in the mail."

I interviewed my little heart out last Thursday for a job that I *thought* was destined to be mine.  I waited a few days and I had heard nothing---so, I did what all the websites and job interview experts tell you to do.  I made a follow up phone call.

In my cheeriest voice, I announced my name, my interview date, and the reason I was calling.  "I was really interested in the job.  Did you have any other questions for me, or have you already filled the position?"

There was a brief pause and a moment of awkwardness.  And, then, she laid the truth all out there.  "We have already filled the position.  We sent you a letter in the mail."

So, I guess tomorrow, or maybe the next day I can be reminded of my failure too.

Okay, that last sentence sounded so dark, but I'm kind of feeling that way right now.  The rejection stings right now.  It really does.  I am questioning what about me wasn't good enough for that position.  I am tempted to call myself inadequate and undeserving.  The word 'loser' has tossed itself around my mind a few times too.  It's hard not to take a job rejection personally.

But, on the flip side, I'm actually really grateful as well.  Interviewing is an incredibly vulnerable thing to do, and even though I struggle with fear, anxiety and 'putting myself out there,' I did it.  I spent time focusing on my good qualities and how those attributes would benefit  a work environment.  I was brave.  I focused on the future.  I worked beyond my anxiety and insecurities, and I took steps  towards a rewarding future for myself.

I really do think that some day I will make an awesome receptionist or customer service representative.  Until then, I will keep being the best Jesus follower, wife, mom, daughter, writer, VBS director, babysitter, neighbor, friend, and person I can be.  And, I'll try focusing on the positives until this fresh sting dies down a bit.


  1. You won't have to work very hard at trying to be all that because you rock at everything you do just stay the way You are and You will be well loved by the ones that count

  2. Sometimes we may *think* we are destined for something but God has something else for us entirely!!! And maybe, as you mentioned, you were destined to go to that job interview so you could have the practice doing what God really has in mind for you!!!!! God wants you to succeed and sometimes we are put into situations such as this that feel like rejection when in reality something much bigger is in the works, and this is simply a preparation! I know, it is easy to feel rejected, and I'm sorry you didn't get the job!!! But you are amazing and God has equally amazing plans for you!!!

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  4. I'm proud of you Sarah on so many levels! And, yeah girl, you just keep being the best Jesus follower, wife, mom, daughter, writer, VBS director, babysitter, neighbor, friend, and person YOU can be. That list right there -- it's a lot of good important stuff to be good at, and I'm exhausted just thinking of it all. ;)