Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I'm feeling very inspired this evening!
I think it is because I made those goals.  There is something about having a concrete plan on how to achieve your goals that makes them so within reach. 
I was so excited and encouraged today by my progress on the scale that I allowed myself to start dreaming about goals and rewards.  I hope you don't mind my "notes" on my goal weights and the rewards that are connected to them.

Okay, as of today I weight 328.4 (that's 31.6 lbs lost, if you are counting!).

325: Exercise ball (to do P90x)...and this will be the day I've lost a "full Lydia!"
324: This is my first 10%, meaning I will officially have lost 10% of my body weight!!!  David will be planning a special reward!
320: (I hope to be here by May 17th) 40 lbs!! I will be getting a new dress and shoes!
318: This will be the day I've lost a "full Micah".   No reward, just kind of cool!
315: A day all to myself!
310: 50 lbs!!! (Hope to be here by June 15th) David will be planning a special celebration!
305: Some sort of fitness reward
300: 60 lbs lost! This is an overnight date  reward. 
299: UNDER 300!!!  That will be reward enough!  I want to be this weight by July 19th.  

I have a lot of other exciting goals in mind, including a big party when I hit 100 lbs lost.  I love being with my friends, so what better way to celebrate?  I also hope to have a food collection, and donate at least 100 lbs of food to the food pantry at Crossroads Community Church for that!  

It's hard to let myself dream so big.  It actually creates some anxiety in me, I think mostly about failure.  But, I have to remind myself that really it comes back to making good choices each day. Reading the Word, seeking God, doing consistent cardio, journaling my food, strength training...all those "little" things are going to make those big goals happen.  

Last night, during a study of Ephesians 5, I read that we are to "Be Imitators of God."  We are to try and replicate what God does.  God is so faithful.  He is consistent.  He's not moody.  He remains committed to His plans.  He knows what His ultimate point is.  I want to imitate God that way.  Whether it is in weight loss, relationships, or service.  And I can not tell myself enough that faithfulness is indeed long term, but once again, it occurs in the day to day choices we make!

Someday, when I get to Heaven, how amazing it will be to hear "Well done, good and FAITHFUL servant!" 

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  1. YAY Sarah!!! You GO GIRL!! So proud of you!!!!! This is awesome and inspiring! I need to make me some goals too!