Sunday, April 1, 2012


I love writing on my blog.
I love writing praises to God.  About the way He has blessed me.  About the ways I chose to be obedient.  About the exciting things happening in my life.  I love sharing energy, and joy, and all things happy...

That's why, when I'm not feeling quite so jolly, or quite so victorious, I tend to back off from sharing my writing.  

It's not that anything is particularly wrong.  It's that I'm tired.  Even tired in a good way.   It seems that every last drop of my life is under construction.  My relationship with the Lord, my relationship with my husband, the way we are raising our children, our finances, my weight loss, the way I'm to be serving, even the chore list at our house...the list goes on and on.

I'm honored that God is willing to guide me and change me.  I'm thrilled that I'm been tested and stretched to become a bit more "heaven worthy."  I actually enjoy knowing that God is growing me.

But, this week, it's been intense.  And I haven't exactly felt my chipper self in the quiet times.  I've cried alot.  I've sinned alot.  I've prayed alot.  But, still, I'm not sure exactly how to internalize everything.

But, I'm still clinging to the promises of God.  This week is a bit of a respite week for me.  My work load is a day lighter than normal, and my children have a couple "field trips" with loved ones this week, to give me a little down time.  I hope to spend lots of time doing lots of writing and positive reflections for you over the week, but for the last few days I needed a rest.

Your prayers would be extremely valuable to me at this point.  I need His strength to continue to be a faithful to service, his plan for me, and the hope of someday conquering what feels like an "unaccomplishable" plan.  

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  1. I completely relate to your first couple of paragraphs, and even though I'm far past the little kid stage, as Jesus' servants there is always something to do. I always joke that I have two speeds, go fast and stop. But God knows we need to rest so He sends us hints to slow down. When we don't -- oops, we get sick.

    Now what was it I read on facebook? Sarah Rose is down and out, feverish...sick? Yep. I'm guessing you were coming down with it last Sunday when you wrote this blog post. Am I right?

    God bless and heal you! Sending love and prayers.