Monday, April 9, 2012


It is the best of time, sometimes, in the midst of the worst of times.

So, my big bump in the road has come.  I'm feeling my determination wane off.  I'm losing my resolve.

Actually, let me rephrase that...My determination WAS waning off....My resolve WAS lost.

About 1 hour ago, I officially decided not to let it stay that way.  So, despite my probable diagnosis of pneumonia, I hopped on my new recumbent bike, and pedaled my way to 5 miles in 23 minutes, on level 4.

While I was pedaling, I tried to pull some Bible verses up in my head for encouragement.  Between exhaustion, medication fogginess, and lack of time in the word, nothing really "popped up" during that time.  But, I had a quiet whisper from my heart to ask the Lord for strength, and He sustained me.

I also did a few reps with the stretchy bands and then I did some stretches myself.

The last few weeks have been overwhelming for me.  I've been attempting to do an online Bible study called "An Untroubled Heart."  I have felt so emotionally stunted reading this book.  I have so many things that I struggle giving over to God, so I don't dwell on them.  I'm trying to find a way to continue on studying it (since it is obviously something I need to work on) without feeling so down on myself.  I need to bathe that study in prayer more.

So, my mind has been on overload.  It's been intense.  But, one of the things I'm working on right now is to set goals.  I have been doing very well at meeting goals that I set for myself, even weight wise.  So, tonight, I want to start with a few bigger goals, and a few smaller goals that will help me achieve those bigger goals.

Big goal #1.  I would love to be 299 by July 20th.  I'm in a wedding on that day, and I'm nervous about it.  I would love to feel confident and smaller by being in the 200's! :)

Big goal #2.  I would love to be 320 or below by May 17th.  That's about 12 pounds this month.  I can so do that!  That would put me at my lowest weight ever for attending MOPS.  I've always been 330 or above since I've been at MOPS, and I think sometime last year I may have been 327 for a few days, and that may have fell on a MOPS meeting, but to be below 320 would be wonderful!

My small goals are not really small at all, since that is what is going to be the catalyst for me to achieve the big goals.  But, for now, these are going to be just for this week.

#1.  Do my FPFH Bible study every single day and pray about my weight loss journey resolve.
#2.  Plan my food out the night before
#3.  Do 30 miles on my bike this week
#4.  Walk 5 miles this week.
#5.  Do a little bit of toning every single day.

I think those 5 small goals this week will help me be very productive.

Oh, and here are some victories that I would like to report!
#1.  My Easter dress actually fit!  My friend Cameron came over to help me try it on, since I couldn't even muster the nerve to try it, just in case it did not fit.
#2.  I got my 30# reward...a new shower head!  It seems silly, but what a functional gift for an exercising gal! :)
#3.  I AM NOT GIVING UP!!!  I may have had a few shaky days there.  But, I'm back doing the right thing! :)

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  1. Those are terrific goals. Go, Sarah,, shine, shrink!