Monday, September 9, 2013

Progress and Peace

Peace and progress.
I'm seeking both.

As this new school year has started, I've zeroed back in on my weight loss journey.  Really, over the course of the summer, I made wonderful progress.  I lost 15 pounds over the summer, however I had kind of left exercise in the dust.  As my focus on weight loss has become almost laser-like, I've really anticipated tangible progress.  And I bet you know what I mean...the scale.

However, despite eating spot on for nearly two weeks, and despite adding exercise to my daily routine, that scale is not being nice to me.  Not one bit.  Infact, last week, I was anticipating a 3 pound loss, and wouldn't you know, the scale said I GAINED two!  It was heart breaking.  Angering.  Frustrating.

But, sometimes, even in the midst of those negative emotions provoked by the scale, I remember the truth.  I'm seeking both peace and progress.  I feel peace about what I'm feeding my body.  I don't feel guilt after a meal.  I know that I'm giving my body nutrients and that if anyone looked at my food journal they would find a very well balanced eating plan.  Not to mention that I'm staying well within my parameters for caloric intake.

And, when I'm using self talk to get me through that moment of temptation, whether it would be a big slice of chocolate cake, or simply getting off the couch when I exercise, I remember that progress is a lot more than just a number on a metal box.

This weekend, David, Micah and I joined our church family for a trip to the Creation Museum.  While I was there, I walked for over 5 hours.  That in and of its self is progress.  But, I think back just to last May when walking would cause my legs to cramp and I would be miserable for days.  Now, I'm trekking all over museums, walking my kids to school, and I'm doing it all without leg cramping or even foot pain.  That's progress.

I have so much more energy.  Even this morning, I rose before my alarm clock.  I spent time reading God's word.  I spent time just sitting in quiet with the Lord.  Asking Him for an obedient heart.  That's progress.

I'm not giving up.  I want to hit my 50 pounds lost so badly.  I refuse to quit.  And after that, I want to push through and keep losing.  I would have loved to hit 60 pounds lost by my doctors appointment, and as my weight loss stalls, it does not look like that will happen.  However, I know that I'm making progress.  And that gives me peace.

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  1. Great post, great progress...on so many levels. You are an inspiration to many, Sarah, so keep on smiling, shining, and shrinking!