Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wednesday WAG

"I guess someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning."  

Well, when I opened my eyes this morning, I was sleeping in my normal spot on my queen sized bed.  My pillows were arranged as they normally are at 6:50am, and I was the right temperature underneath my two quilts, even if the air in our home was only 58 degrees.  So, I can't blame my bed or its so called wrong side for my bad attitude.  

I guess I can only blame me.

I'm having a rough day.  

As my life tempo has slowed down, it feels like everyone else's had sped up.  As my work schedule has eased up, my pockets have become empty.  As hard as I've worked to hit my 50 pound mark, the scale climbs.  As hard as hundreds of people prayed for a young woman to be healed from cancer, she died two days ago, leaving six children and a loving husband behind, not to mention many friends grieving. 

I know what the Bible says about considering the trials and temptations pure joy, and I know that all these situations have hidden blessings tucked inside the hardships, heartaches, and loneliness.

I know what the Bible says.  I believe what the Bible says.  I trust what the Bible says.  

But, I'm also trusting God for the grace to have a bad day.  I know God allows us time to lament the death of a young soul, to cry for her close friends who are close friends of mine.  God is big enough for me to feel frustration and sadness and grief, whether it is over something huge like the loss of another human being or something small like the gaining of a pound or two of water weight.  

So, even though I'm not feeling my happy, smiley self today, I still want to make sure I praise God for the simple ways I've seen Him work today.  The way David hugged and prayed for me, as it was obviously early today that this was going to be a rough day.  I praise God that even though I've been feeling lonely lately, that He provided an opportunity to walk with a friend yesterday, and that I have a group of ladies I am privileged to be able to meet with this afternoon to practice writing.  But, most of all I'm thankful to serve a God who knows how to work all these sad and frustrating things into something beautiful. (Romans 8:28)


  1. Thanks for always sharing your honest heart, sweet Sarah! I know I've told you before...BUT-You are such a blessing to me Keep smiling, keep serving, keep living the way God made you! Love you <3
    Jenna Bee ;)