Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Missing Micah

          I hopped out of bed quickly that morning, and hurried myself downstairs to use the bathroom.  I wiggled down the stairs, trying to get to there in time, rushed because I woke up late, and my bladder was keenly aware of that fact.  Mental and physical relief flooded my body as I finished the task at hand with no mishaps.  I scrubbed my hands at the sink, and then I returned upstairs to wake my beautiful children.  Lydia, had already got up and she met me in the hallway.  I hugged her and then I ducked into Micah’s room to awaken him.  I glanced into the top bunk where he normally sleeps and noticed the flat appearance of the bed.  I rubbed my eyes, knowing my sleepy eyes must be playing tricks on me.  Stealing a second look, I confirmed that Micah's pillow remained empty.
          Realizing that I must have dashed right past Micah on my potty run, I limped my tired body back down the stairs, calling his name.  I threw large pillows off the couch, expecting him to be hiding underneath with an impish grin.  I moved the throw blanket off the loveseat.  My heart began pounding in my chest as I realized he was not in the living room as I expected.  Frantically, I threw open the closet door and scanned the small space as quickly as I could. Out of good measure, I ran to the bathroom where I just had been, only to find it empty.
          Sweat began dripping down my brow.  My hands were trembling.  My voice cracked as I screamed in pure terror up the stairs, “David, David, Micah’s missing.  He’s gone!”  The thump of my husband’s feet hitting the floor both comforted me and added panic to my racing mind.
          As David began searching the upstairs in the same haphazard manner, I repeated my downstairs scan, this time threatening Micah out loud as I pulled furniture from walls and peeked behind chairs.  “Micah, if you think this is funny, you are mistaken!  If you are hiding, please come out,” I begged in a loud voice that was demanding, but somehow still filled with motherly love.  Hearing no answer to my demands, I ran to the front door.  Scanning both locks I confirmed that the knob and chain locks were still intact.  Fearful of the idea that someone may have come into our home, or worse, may have left our home, I shuffled to the back door and checked both locks there too.  I heard David’s muffled voice as I yanked on the door to confirm the dead bolt remained secure.

          Desperate to hear David’s message, I dashed to the staircase and heard David’s announcement that Micah was found.  Relief replaced panic as I climbed the stairs, quicker than my round body usually allows.  I pushed past David and Lydia in the narrow hallway, only to find Micah, confused about the yelling, but safe none the less, in his bed.  David confirmed that Micah had been there the whole time. As I nod, I see the obvious point that I had overlooked just moments earlier---Micah had simply slept upside down in his bed.  

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  1. My oldest Mark once disappeared in the late hours. We tore the house aprat and went to our neighbors, no one had seen Mark. I ran back into my house and down the hall to get the phone from the wall to call the police. (no cell phones back then) As I went by Marks bedroom something caught my eye coming from under his bed, his foot. He was sound asleep under his bed because then monsters couldn't hide there. So, I can relate to the terror and sickness in the pit of your stomach. So glad all was well. Thasia