Sunday, October 27, 2013

What I think...

Poetry isn't my best thing---but tonight, I just felt led to write this.
I find myself going back and forth between two thought patterns in my mommy moments.  One side of me is soaking in every little thing that they say and do, and how they look, just in this moment.  The other side of me is screaming inside as another glass of (expensive Lactaid!) milk gets spilled.  I think this is a struggle most moms face.  And I'm realizing I have complete control over my reactions.  I'm teaching my mind to tune into my thoughts before they become words...and this poem is sort of about that.

But, before I share the poem, I couldn't help but share some of my favorite memories from my kiddos!  I love being their mom, and I love watching them grow in to the people God has created them to be!

WHAT I THINK--to Micah and Lydia

I need to put away the thoughts I think
When my kiddos are full of messes they create
When chaos is prevalent, the house is a wreck
And I can’t even think a thought straight

Tears, fights, discipline and strife
Chores, sighing and yet another time out
Spilling, wiping, the never ending list
I’m not sure if I can handle another bout

I need to focus on the way I think
When my kiddos are tucked in fast asleep
When messes don’t matter, the house is quiet
And I don’t even hear a single peep

Snuggles, devotions, hugs and kisses
Prayers, giggles, and bedtime wishes
Painting, baking, making messes galore
Little one, there’s no way, I could love you more.


  1. Every mother's struggle - remembering our blessings while those same blessings are driving us straight up the wall! Thanks, Sarah.

  2. Love this post. It makes me remember those good ole days filled with blessing and bane...and I miss them. To everything there is a season, and a purpose under heaven. Eccl. 3