Monday, April 14, 2014

Quieting my Soul

It was 6:50 this morning when I first stepped out my door to begin walking.  The songs of the birds are so beautiful in spring, and while the morning was cloudy and gray, the balmy temperature created its own kind of sunshine.  As I walked down the alley, I lifted my hands to heaven and asked God to use me.  "God, please, use the words I write, the words I say, the people I come in contact with...please use me."  As I walked, I prayed for my church, for my neighbors, and just for peace.  I saw two red breasted robins, and they reminded me to pray for my friend Robin.  She's been growing in her faith so much, stepping out and serving God in new ways.  I prayed for my Gramma as I passed by the apartment she will soon be moving in to.  I lifted my wonderful mother in law up in prayer as I saw her jeep in her work parking lot.  I thought of friends who helped me get through this tough weekend---Adriane, Leah, Bettina, and all those who had been lifting my daughter Lydia up in prayer as she recovers from a concussion.  When I arrived back home, it was time to go for another school.  The path to the school takes us through the cemetery.  

Some people may be disturbed by a daily walk that includes headstones, but my children and I always enjoy the flowers, birds, and wildlife we see there.  This morning, hand in hand the three of us walked.  We praised God out-loud for protecting Lydia and for helping her heal.  The praise soon turned into Micah and Lydia talking about how dumb concussions are, but I didn't mind.  I felt the same way.  The weekend had been full of turmoil.  Testing, waiting, pain, doctors, and vomiting, followed by more vomiting.  Once Lydia had been on the mend, I was struck with a migraine (I'm guessing caused by stress) that caused me to sleep from one in the afternoon until 6:23 this morning.  Oh, except when my migraine caused me to throw up too.  So, the walk, the peace of the outdoors in the morning was just what my heart needed.  Calm, serenity, and refreshment.  
Maybe your heart is troubled?  Perhaps you feel overwhelmed?  Maybe you just feel like you have too much to do.  I encourage you, lace up your sneakers, and head outside.  A quick ten minute walk---especially one where you talk to God---can do wonders for your soul.


  1. Beautifully written in the calm after your most recent storm. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement.

    1. You are always an inspiration. I love your reminder to pray for everyone when something brings them to mind. A heart dedicated to praying for others is beating in the right rhythms.