Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cracking the Closet Door...

Day 2 of getting to know me a little bit better has come.

I try to hide this part of me...but what I'm going to show you is basically a major hub of my life.  So, even if the door is closed, chances are if you are at my house for more than ten minutes, you will see into the heart of my home.  My power station...

My downstairs closet.

It holds EVERYTHING!  Go ahead...play I Spy here.

Can you find...

A crock pot?  How about 4?
At least 20 Pyrex dishes?
Painting supplies?
A dirt devil?
A vacuum?
My preschool supply box for the kids I babysit?
A tool kit?
Old family photos?
A power drill?
About 7 Thirty One bags that I use for grocery shopping?
Extra table cloths?

Yeah, you name it, it's in this closet.  I sort through it about four times a year.  I even have had friends clean it for me.  But no matter how hard I try, I can not keep this place clean!  It drives me crazy, because as mentioned before, this is the HUB of my home.  This closet is where everything important is stored.

Believe it or not, I am selective about what goes in here.  And truthfully,  I'm pretty awesome at purging or throwing things out.  (Except for crock pots and Pyrex dishes...because they are awesome and I use all of them...sometimes all at once!)
So, who has advice for me?  How can I tackle this closet?  How can I improve my usage and storage.  I need this place to be functional so that I can be my best.
Also...do YOU have a place like this?  Please, tell me I'm not all alone here!


  1. You are not alone. :) I have been getting a lot better at creative organization. Some on my own and some through the fabulous ideas on Pinterest.

  2. Sarah, have you checked out those shelves that slide or spin like a lazy susan? Maybe something like that, or even just labels on the shelves will help. If I see something in the wrong cupboard, or on the wrongnshelf, I have to fix it, and my kids have learned where things go to the point they both asked why cereal was on a higher shelf than normal.

  3. Im jealous that you have a closet this big :) Maybe some built in shelves would help. You could label specific areas for certain things and only that specific thing goes there. However, you look organized already. Shelves, drawers and pockets....your good!

  4. If only you could see our pantry. What about putting in shelves with equal spacing as to maximize the space available, making sure it is enough space for the mixer to fit. Designate each self for a categorey ie craft, storage or baking supplies.