Thursday, October 9, 2014

Where's Sarah

I am a mess.
I will never deny that.
That's why yesterday's blog about Jesus' love was so important.  Because, Jesus loves me even when I mess up.
And, as it turns out, so do my friends. :)
Let me tell you a little bit about this morning.

I babysit S & T.  S is two years old, soon to be three, and T is 6 months old.  They are the cutest little guys, and on Thursdays they are my only kids that I watch.  So, on Thursdays, we get to do things we would not normally be able to do, like go out to breakfast.

The night before, my friend Natasha, had texted me and we made plans to meet at the cozy little breakfast place in town.  It's her favorite restaurant, and it has become one of my favorites because of her.  The boys were coming later today, so we had planned on leaving my house at 8:30.  It was going to be a perfect morning.

UNTIL---she shows up at my house.  My car was in the driveway, but no one was answering her knock at the door.  There was no noise or movement coming from the inside and she started to worry.  Assuming I had walked to the diner with the boys Natasha leaves to go check the diner.  That's when Justin, the boys' dad, arrives to drop them off.  He finds the same thing...a quiet house with no Sarah.

As Natasha realizes I'm not at the diner, and Justin realizes I'm not answering the door, the text messages and phone calls begin. They met each other on my front porch and tried to think of where I could be or what may be happening.   Phone calls to my cell phone, the house phone, my closest friends, my mother, my grandmother---they blew up those phone lines in my area.

Automatically, their minds drifted to the worst.  Obviously, I was dead somewhere, and someone was going to have to find me.

Except, I wasn't dead.  Just dead tired.  And deaf in my left ear.  And the owner of a cell  phone that had a drained battery.  Yup.  I was upstairs in my room, peacefully sleeping, on my right side, with my deaf ear up.

 I had no idea I was even missing.

I slept through all the phone calls, all the people in my house, everything...
I was in dreamland.  To make it better, I was dreaming about finding T's missing binkies---which I'm always on the search for!

The world had never been happier for me to wake up.  I had never been more humiliated.  I really hate messing up.  Especially when it comes to messing up for people I really love and cherish.

I can't believe God blesses me with friends who love me even when I sleep like a rock when I'm supposed to be up and productive.  I can't believe they were not irritated at me, but rather, just so thankful I'm alive.

So, it turns out that maybe, just maybe there are people in our lives who reflect Jesus' unconditional love.  Like my friends.  They rock.  Even when I don't!