Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Dishwasher

Until two years ago, I never had a dishwasher.  I always wanted one, but money, or living in a trailer, or not living somewhere very long had always prevented me from having one.  But, I'm closing in on my 2 year anniversary of having a dishwasher (June 17th, 2010!).  
Sometimes, I forget what a blessing it is.  Sometimes I take that blessing for granted.  
But, not this morning.  This morning, as I listen to the whirls and the swishes and the humming of my favorite kitchen appliance, I am filled with gratitude.  I am blessed that I have a dishwasher.  I am blessed that God has provided that want.  I am blessed that I live in my pretty yellow house.  I am blessed that my pretty yellow house is pretty much rodent free (except for those darn chipmunks!).  I am beyond blessed that my pretty, rodent free yellow house has not one, but two flushing toilets (believe it or not, I lived in two houses in my life that lacked a toilet that would flush on its own..).  And, this pretty yellow house that has two flushing toilets that lacks rodents is situated in a neighborhood that includes my church and also an amazing group of neighbors.  Truly, truly I am so filled with gratitude that God has provided all He has for me and my family.
There is no deep lesson here....just simply I'm taking time to give thanks to God today.  Often my house is filled with chatter and non stop activity (which I am also grateful for!).  But, today, with my kids at their Gramma's, I can actually hear the birds, my typing, and the dishwasher, and it filled me up with a deep respect and love for our God, who provides all kinds of things for us to enjoy!  Even time alone! 

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  1. Our lives are filled with so many blessings, aren't they? Sometimes we moms just need a few quiet moments to think about how many we really have!