Sunday, June 17, 2012

One week. Two goals.

God's word and His people...
What a powerful combination.
Whether it's my pastor and a sermon....
A friend and a verse...
Or a Bible study gal and a testimony...
The power of His word and His people change my life.

Tonight, I was working through by Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst and I Used to Be So Organized by Glynnis Whitwer.  Both of these books are written by women that are involved with Proverbs 31 Ministries.  (Check them out at .)

My heart is pretty heavy tonight, as I know I have made choices over the last few days that have grieved not only my own heart, but the heart of God.  I have made unhealthy choices.  Unwise choices.  And I've frustrated myself beyond belief at certain points.

I'm wavering between beating myself into submission and cutting myself some slack since it has been a vacation of sorts.  

Nevertheless, thanks to my reading of these books, I have some plans for the week.  Plans that help me climb back into the arms of Jesus, reverently and in awe...full of love for a Savior who is so full of grace.  Also plans that can help me achieve several goals I'm working on.

The first step is to spend tomorrow fasting.  As I think of my Bible study group, my heart is filled with joy.  I know this is only our third time meeting, but I love these women.  They are encouraging, edifying, and a wonderfully diverse group, which just enthralls me!  But, anyways, back to fasting...thinking about this group causes me to desire to fast and pray for them.  I want to make sure my heart is fully aligned with God's heart as I share truth from His word with them.  I also want to remind myself that God words provides clear warnings for those who teach in James, and I need to remember that I will be held at a higher standard because of accepting the call to lead.  I also am hopeful that by fasting I will be taking the first steps back into very disciplined eating. I can't wait to eat my fruit and veggies and to feel so refreshed because I'm caring for my body that way!  I LOVE the way that feels! :)

My next step comes from Glynnis's book.  It is about putting into practice a very practical step.  Simply, I am committing to finishing what I started this week.  I am specifically committing to completing each chore on my chore list for each day this week.  If I can simply do that, things go very smoothly around the house.  I have a stressful week with Micah having swimming lessons every single night this week. I also have Bible study, several meetings at the gym (which I'm still not sure how all that will work out!), a doctors appointment for Lydia, a day at the beach with my MOPS friends, along with returning to work after a week and a half off, plus the daily tasks that Mom's and Wives everywhere do every day.  Whew!  So being diligent and mindful of accomplishing what is expected of me each day is imperative for me to stay on track in every area of my life.

I plan on beginning my day each day with a prayer like this, "Dear God.  I have a lot to accomplish today.  I know these tasks that go along with my mothering, my "wife-ing", and my job are blessing from you.  You have entrusted them to me.  I ask that you will give me resolve to complete them.  I also ask that you will help me be very mindful of what I am fueling my body with.  Please help me feel the need to "eat to live, not live to eat."  You are the God of me, my schedule, and my nutrition.  Please let my life reflect that." Amen.

Your prayers and encouragement would be so appreciated as I tackle these two specific goals over the next few days.  Thank you for reading, as always.  I feel so blessed by your comments, your prayers, and you taking your time to share in this part of my life.


  1. You've got it're too busy not to pray. May God bless you for giving time to him first!

    (And I would be very grateful if in your prayer time you included me. Tom and I are listening for God's voice and trying to do accordingly. Isaiah 30:21 promises, "Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, 'this is the way, walk in it.'")

  2. I will definitely be praying for you and Tom! :) And also working on memorizing Isaiah 30:21 :)