Saturday, March 16, 2013

Object lesson

It's Saturday morning.
It's snowy.
I know logistically that spring can not get here without our annual St. Patrick's Day storm, but truthfully, today I'm struggling to find the optimism in another 6 inches of snow.  It's been a snowy winter.  I miss sunshine.  And swimming.  And walks on the Holly Trail.
But, I know those things are on their way....I just need to let go of my timeline of WHEN they should be here!

Today David is at the church at an evangelism class that I so desperately wanted to attend as well.  However, child care has been quite an issue lately, and I'm going to be hanging out at home today, enjoying time with Little Miss Red Head and Mr. Doodle.  They are happily chattering and playing pretend in the living room.  (Occasionally interrupted with Little Miss Red yelling commands at her brother about what should happen next.  After rereading the first paragraph, I think I know where she gets it!)

Yesterday, I did not have the greatest day with my food choice.  I wasn't feeling well, was dealing with some grief, and I ate totally to comfort myself.  *Note to self* God comforts way better than food, and I would like my scale a lot better today if I had just run to Him!

Today will be better.  I want to make better choices.

Today also will be devoted to getting Lydia's room FINALLY back into livable order.  When our last two foster children left, we just left Lydia's room empty for a while.  I think it was how I had to deal with the heartache of them leaving, not to mention, Micah and Lydia actually sleep through the night if they are in the same room.  Since Micah's room has bunk beds, it's been ideal...especially since I had a closet that needed cleaning!  I began pulling all the stuff out of my closet to store into Lydia's room until I could figure out time to sort through it all.  I've been diligent, working in 8 minute clusters and I feel like Lydia's room and my closet are both very close to completion.  I plan on finishing today an celebrating that victory.

It's a small victory.  And I've accomplished it in small, baby steps.  It's taken me a while, when I ideally would have liked to accomplish it all in one day.  I had to keep chipping at it every chance I got. I have had to be persistent, and I have had to deal with set backs (such as lack of time, or Little Miss Red getting in there and pulling everything I had just put away out!), and sometimes I had to force myself to deal with that mess, even when I didn't feel like it.

Sound like another journey I am on?

I thought so to.

Object lesson learned today.  Sarah out.

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