Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A smile from the inside out!

I've got a big old smile plastered on my face.
It's not because life has been easy, because, it hasn't.
It not because we've recently came across a huge pile of me, quite the opposite is true on that statement.
It's not even because we have things figured out.  Nope.  Still as confused as I always am.

It's simply because I can feel God changing my heart.
I know he's chipping away at me, trying to get to my core.

It's scary.  It's unknown.  I really don't like much of it.  Yet, I love it.

I was writing in my prayer journal this morning and was just praising God that He is taking time to teach me.  He isn't tired of trying to instruct me on a better way to live.  Even if I haven't gotten it yet, and I seem to have to learn the same lessons over and over.  He's teaching me patiently, with a rich, deep love backing up all His lessons.

And, there's something about knowing the God of the universe is taking time, using His people, investing His Spirit, even sacrificing His live to change me that just makes me smile from the inside out. 

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