Monday, April 1, 2013


Oh, the more we learn, the more we see that we know very little.  
I'm back from vacation.
T'was a delightful 600 mile jaunt to Tennessee.  Spending time with Marty and Terry was incredible.  Watching my children's faces light up with huge smiles whenever they experienced little "God breezes" on their trip was amazing.  (God created a fish that greatly resembles a unicorn, and Lydia was able to see a dream come true just in that little fish!)
However, as vacation often does, it took a toll on my healthy eating and exercising habits.  I never felt like I completely threw in the towel, and really, the "damage" on the scale was insignificant.  However, what happens when we get out of our routine?
We get out of our routine!  
Some of my healthier parts of my daily routine are a healthy dose of Scripture most days, lots of contemplation of God's word (this is where folding laundry and scrubbing dishes really increases my faith!), and of course writing.  I read little devotions each day, but really didn't satiate myself in the Word as I planned.  I left my routines and disciplines at home, unfortunately.  I did exercise by walking, but that was about it.  
As a result, while I arrived home feeling incredibly blessed and refreshed, I also feel a little bit like a spiritual lightweight right now.  And, yet again, I have a super busy week.  I am writing this little confession to you so that I can hold myself accountable and find some time to steal away and be still before the Lord.  To digest a larger chunk of his Word---definitively a piece bigger than the piece of cheesecake I indulged in on vacation!

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