Monday, April 29, 2013

Waves of worry...tides of peace.

Oh, the tendency to worry seems to be hardwired in my heart.  The worries just crash in with the violence of huge waves that come when the ocean is warning of an assault from an upcoming storm.  Suddenly, my beautiful, white sandy beach somehow morphs into a sharp, rocky mixture of cliffs.  I admit right now, I'm being fired at with many fiery arrow of the enemy---forever reminding me of how much I fall short and how little of the future I know.

Yet---even as waves of worry crash and the water splashes of my face, and I even may find myself flailing about, gasping for air...I am reminded of truths from God's word.  I'm holding tight friends. I'm gripping onto the promises from God, not to mention clinging to current realities that give me peace.  

I know that Philippians 4 says that I can take everything to God in prayer and then, I will infact see God send a tide of peace to me. The Bible says it's a peace so rich that it transcends all understanding.  The peace is so strong that it can guard my heart and mind.

Wow.  I can do this.  I can trust God for financial provision.  God can provide peace and protection for battling my weight issues all on my own again, now that my Made to Crave Bible study and Imagine You Renewed are over.  I can let God guard my heart and my mind against bad dreams, concerns over the future, and ever mounting pile of self-doubt that seems to be piling up right infront of my nose.

Yes---I'm drowning in waves of worry---but God is waiting for me to seek him, so he can send tides of peace.

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