Sunday, April 28, 2013

Simple Weekend of Praise

"Life is a gift.  Never forget to enjoy and bask in every moment you are in."  ~Unknown

If you walked up to me right now, and asked my what my particular activities were over the weekend, I could rattle off several enjoyable things.  I went to a ladies' tea with my beautiful mother, I soaked up the sun sitting on my back deck, I cuddled with my family on my super soft sheets on my super soft bed, I sipped a brilliant cup of coffee (or four), I consumed dinner with friends on both Saturday night (the new version) and Sunday evening (with the tried and true version), not to mentioning discovering a life changing pancake recipe.  (More about that another day!)

None of those events were huge on the life Richter scale (okay---the pancakes were perhaps a 4.3...seriously, I promise I'll write about them soon!)  But, I just soaked up the beauty of experiencing them.  I felt a peace in my heart this weekend that is hard to explain.  

It's a simple peace.  Pure.  A peace that flows out because I have Jesus within.  The events of my weekend were not huge events.  They were just simple pleasure, given from a God who is merciful and loving.  

I just wanted to reminisce over this weekend one more time.  Enjoy it in memory form.  I just desire to praise God for such a beautiful time.  Oh, and of course, thank Him for the pancakes! 

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  1. Life is a gift...indeed. And, I've got to try those pancakes. :)