Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I could start out my blog by saying:
I DESPISE WEDNESDAYS.  I'm at home all day on Wednesdays.  I have to do house work all day long.  It's lonely and I feel disconnected from everyone.

Or I could start out my blog by saying:
I REALLY ENJOY WEDNESDAYS.  I'm at home all day on Wednesdays.  They are usually my most productive days.  The loneliness I feel on Wednesdays I almost always use as a catalyst to invite someone over, spend extra time with the Lord, or make sure I'm sending a card to someone who needs it.  Or sometimes, I just soak in the solitude.

Truthfully---I feel both emotion patterns each week when Wednesday rolls around.  I have a love/hate relationship with Wednesdays.  But, we all know that choosing attitude number two is going to set me up for a much more fruitful and peaceful day, am I right?

I've been feeling really challenged to, as Lysa TerKeurst would say, park my mind in a better spot.  And, I'm planning on starting a new feature on my blog called WAG which stands for Wednesday's Attitude of Gratitude.  The Attitude of Gratitude is the motto of the Humes kids' lives.  When we go to the playground, before we even set foot on the ground, I remind them we leave with an attitude of gratitude.  I remind them when we have friends over, that they are expected to treat their friend with an extra does of gratefulness while they are there.  Trust kids have the ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE cadence down pat.  And most of the time, my little kiddos are beautiful examples of how to live in a place of gratitude.

Man, as parents, we sure can teach some good things, can't we?  Well, I would say I am pretty good at living it with them most of the time, but I want to be BETTER.  I want to give God thanks in all things, even in the moments when I burn dinner, or the moments when we are running late for school.  I want to practice the art of gratitude so that when things go wrong, I do not look like a Mommy Hypocrite to my children.  I want to be so accustomed to giving praise that it's second nature to praise God for an empty bank account or stained socks with holes in them.  I really want to live out a lifestyle of gratitude for family and friends and for the dark world around us. So, we (that's right---I said WE!) are going to practice on Wednesdays.  I am really hoping that I can even have some guest bloggers share snippits of what they are thankful for too!

So, today's WAG is going to focus on coffee.  I never claimed that my praises were going to be earth shattering.  Just simple, honest to goodness praises.  I love how a cup of coffee can bring people together.  I'll drive 20 miles south just to sit with a friend and a good cup of joe.  I am still so thankful for the fact that over a year ago my friend Rachael gave me a Keurig machine.  Her generosity blew me away.  And the fact that with our limited budget, somehow someone always seems to give me the pods for the Keurig.  In fact, last weekend was only the 2nd time I have had to buy my own Keurig pods.

One of my favorite memories from high school is sitting with my mom after she would get home from her second shift job.  It was 11:30 at night, but I was a night owl and I just loved sitting with my mom.  We would have a cup of coffee on the porch or in our old dining room where the floor sloped so bad, you would spill the first 1/2 of your cup if you sat it on the table.  But, we loved it.  Sometimes, we would dip tootsie roll pops into our coffee if it had been a particular doozie of a day.  Strange, yes.  Memorable?  Always.

I love the way it feels with my Bible in one hand, and a hot cup of coffee steaming in the other.  I'm thankful for the energy my cup or two a day gives me...or how it's just part of a nice routine to start my day.  Sometimes routine can be so nice!  I also enjoy writing "coffee" on my to-do list daily.  It's a fun little thing I actually get to cross off! :)

I know its a simple thing, but coffee is one of the simple joys in life that we often forget to praise God for.  So, Lord...I know it's silly, but I know all good things come from you...Thank you for coffee and all the happy memories that come with it!

Be blessed and be thankful today!  Live life with an ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE!


  1. I'm thankful for your inspiring blog today. It made me perk up and by thankful too.

  2. :) And, you my friend, will never know how grateful I am for you!!!

  3. Great post, Sarah. I love my morning coffee too, but my earliest and best coffee memory is learning to love a cup of coffee after dinner with my mom. I was 17 and would come home from school and make dinner. Mom would get home from work at 5:30 to a meal ready to eat. (Disclosure, mom planned the meals, I just made them.) My reward -- no more dishes. My sisters stepped up to that plate. A rite of passage and a wonderful memory!

    Now, at your encouragement, I'm going to go have a wonderful Wednesday!