Friday, April 5, 2013

The risk of beautiful things

About three weeks ago, one of my nearest and dearest friends Robin brought me the most BEAUTIFUL bouquet of spring flowers.  They were breathtaking, and every single time I looked at them, the reminded me of our friendship and they made me smile.
Well, after three weeks, the flowers life span had been fulfilled.  The water smelled stagnant and had turned a murky brown.  I had to throw them away.

As I gently shook the rank water off the stems of my flowers, I thought of how many times I've heard people say they hate flowers because they die and then you have to throw them away.

It was at that moment, even with the foul odor ripe in my nose, that I realized I wouldn't have wanted to miss the beauty of those flowers in my life over the last three weeks.  Even though throwing them away was bittersweet, I received daily joy from those flowers.

In order to enjoy life, love, or beauty, there's always a risk of loss.  Whether it be from death, disagreement, space or time, that happens.  But, it doesn't mean we should not enjoy the beauty while it is right there in front of us!

Take the risk of loss, and enjoy the beauty in your life today!


  1. Well said!

    A few years ago I began treating myself to a bouquet of flowers when I bought groceries. Those flowers paid for themselves in bringing good cheer to our house. I haven't indulged lately, but your post is a good reminder to get back in the habit and add a bit of beauty to everyday life.