Saturday, November 2, 2013


I love November 2.

Well, I really love November, the whole month.  I mean, Halloween and all its creepiness and extra calories are in the past now, and Thanksgiving, which is my favorite holiday, is on the horizon!  But, November 2 is awesome because one of my favorite people was born on November 2.  And, I'm not talking about David Schwimmer, either.

No, November 2 is the day that my dear friend Lareina was born.
Making punch for Amanda's baby shower! :)

As time and distance and motherhood have pulled us both in different directions, we have still been able to maintain a wonderful friendship.  Sometimes on a rare Saturday, we can both find the same half an hour to catch up on the phone.  Sure, one of us is baking and the other is cleaning, or we are both trying to control our children, but it's always nice to talk, no matter how distracted we are.

Lareina has been one of my best encouragers, both in weight loss and in writing.  It's ironic because while I'm the biggest person I know, Lareina is one of the thinnest.  However, we are bonded by the knowledge of what it is like to have people criticize us or treat us different because of our size.  And, without Lareina's influence in my life, I would have missed out on some really great books, books that have given me the courage to write my own stories!  Oh, and because of her, I'm a better cook than I could have ever hoped to be!  The girl knows her way around a kitchen, that's for sure!

She appreciates my strengths, while having knowledge to my many weaknesses.  Yet, she never would call my weakness a weakness, but puts a fun spin on it by claiming it an uniqueness or a quirk!  What an encourager she is.
Ah, yes.  One of my "quirks."  I think a fly scared me here...I can't really remember.   But, oh, how I remember all of us laughing so hard when we realized how hilarious I looked in this picture! hahaha!!!!

I love this picture of Lareina and Eleanor

I love reading about her adventures with her little one.  I smile because little Eleanor is so blessed to have such a great mommy.  She get's it all...a mom who is loving, but firm.  A well educated mommy, whose is very well read, and sharing that love of books with Nell at an early age.  She's  teaching Eleanor what it is to be a loving wife, a great cook, and an adventurous risk taker (Swallow Falls comes to mind!).  I am so proud of Lareina, and I know that Eleanor will be proud of her mom when she's old enough to understand how amazing her Mama is!

I love how when I'm with Lareina, I try new things that I've never tried hiking near waterfalls!!!!  On the right is our Maria, from Spain.  Lareina and her hit it off so well!

So, I hope you will all join me in wishing Lareina a Happy Birthday!!!  

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