Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Intense Joy

I'm pretty sure that if you searched far and wide, it would be pretty hard to find someone as excited about Thanksgiving as I am right now.
Right now, life feels completely blissful.
I do not get to say that very often, but right now, in this moment, the joy was so overwhelming that I had to stop, think, and write about how I feel.
I'm gazing out my dining room windows, just amazed by the beauty of the falling snow.  I know that I do not have to exit my house for days if I do not want to, and that produces a great sense of security and comfort.  I love how the view reminds me of a snow globe I remember seeing when I was a little girl.  It was oval, with a plastic dome.  Inside were several children building snowmen under frosty pine trees.  I can't remember exactly where I saw the snow globe, but I think it may have been my Aunt Winnie's house.  She had so many fun trinkets that I loved to play with.
And I love the thought about filling our house up with family member tomorrow.  Maybe one of my nieces or nephews will look back and have fond memories of my house like I do when I think about Aunt Winnie.  Maybe they will reminisce  about Thanksgiving Bingo played at Aunt Sarah's and it will make them smile as they fondly remember time spent with family.  I hope so.
I'm filled with gratitude for the little family that lives underneath our roof, and I'm thankful for the extended family that will be filing in tomorrow.
I'm just really happy---so joyful that I can physically feel the joy in my body.  That's a pretty amazing feeling.  I hope that at some point this Thanksgiving celebration you will feel the same exact way.

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