Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Good Day

Ahhh!  VBS is done.  Dad is back at the Rehab hospital, right where he belongs, for the moment.  My house is in order. We've had a wonderful day.  *happy sigh*
As I look through the calendar, not a regular week seems to be on the horizon until early August.  
The week ahead is another busy one, but it has a bit more of a relaxed rhythm.  Lots of work ahead this week, which is always a blessing.  Also, a big step of faith for both Micah and myself as he heads off to Camp Judson for 3.5 days.  I just keep reminding myself that camp is a great way to help Micah claim faith as his own!  On Thursday, Lydia and I are living it up with "Mommy Camp" which includes the beach, doing our nails, and perhaps an evening date with Daddy.  The weekend, as is our usual for summer time, is filled with plenty of picnics and entertainment.
Our countdown is on for our Spanish friend who is coming to stay with us.  She is a monitor for the minors coming, so once again, we are hosting someone in their twenties!  I love hosting the adults.  This will be Maria's first time in the states, so we feel very honored to have that opportunity!  Micah and Lydia are already claiming stakes to the first Maria hugs!  
I'm enjoying the time with Micah and Lydia now that they are home with me for the summer.  However, I have felt myself becoming a little short with them.  It's a reminder that even though my normal schedule has changed, I still need to make time each and every morning to ask for a fresh fill of the Holy Spirit and to read the Bible and apply it to my life and how I interact with the precious children around me.  
Lately, they have been stealing my heart, with little smiles, or the way they proudly proclaim that even if they had a choice for another Mama and Daddy they would still pick us.  Or the way they passionately fall to their knees in prayer sometimes, yet when it comes to praying before meals, you've never heard two children talk so fast!  We are watching they both master new skills---Lydia slowly learning new vocabulary words, or how to draw alligators with Daddy.  Micah is working on learning how to ride his bike with no training wheels or how to tie his shoes.  (Yes, most kids his age can do both of these, the task is just taking a little longer around here.)  He has made up his mind that he wants to be "super secret pen pals" with his cousin Kyle and wrote a wonderful first letter this evening.  His writing skills are much better than the biking! :)
Parenting is mostly blissful in this neck of the woods currently.  Yeah, there are moments, but we've been using them as "teaching moments" and making the best of it.  Perhaps it's just the fact that everything else in life has been so hard, that truly sharing life with Micah and Lydia seems easy.  I'm not sure the reasoning, but I am definitely sure of how blessed I feel.  That blessing is spilling over into the marriage realm of life too.  It's nice to know that when I'm in these four walls, I'm safe.  No matter how bad...or how good...of a day I'm having!

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