Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Today, at VBS, our memory verse was, "Don't worry about anything.  Pray about everything."  Yeah, that's the stuff.  Especially since I've been a little tied to the sin of worry lately.  So, I woke up, and thanked God for waking up.  I thank God for my shower and for the fact that I didn't get wet as I walked to my car.  I praised God for my children.  My husband.  My parents.  My church.  My friends.  VBS.  Oh, yeah, tons of praises pouring out everywhere.

I let the praises continue at the park.  While the five children I had with me played, I wrote praises in my prayer journal.  First.  Before I talked about my "concerns."  (Really, a fancy word for worry.)
I praised God that my dad is still alive.  That eventually he should end up back in Meadville at Rehab. That I have been able to share God's love with him in my own "Sarah way." I praised God for the way my friends have been reaching out to me.  I even took time to look at Lydia's little face and how beautiful she looked as she was swinging back and forth on the swings.  The way her hair went up and down, sometimes covering her face, sometimes flying back behind her.  Oh, the beauty of a child having fun.

The praises have continued.  I am currently thanking God for a full belly.  My friend Sam cooked us the most amazing roast for dinner.  Seriously, you can not even understand the deliciousness of this roast.  I've never ate anything like it.  Lydia said it tasted, "like a dream."  Logan (my "nephew" who is with us tonight) gave it an A++.  Those are pretty high praises from children.  I actually feared my husband may never like my cooking again after tasting the glory that is the roast!

More gratitude flows when I think of how my friend Betsy let us swim in her pool tonight.  She generously allows us to take our children there and give them a fun time.  With finances being so tight for us, allowing us that family fun time means so much to me.  It's a bigger blessing than Betsy realizes, I imagine!

With all this thanksgiving, I had a better day than I have had in weeks.  It is humbling to think that if I can just set my mind on the proper thinking mode that I can get through the day much more gracefully.  I know tomorrow has many blessings in store as well, so I'm going to bed tonight ready to wake up with my heart set on Scripture, on a God who loves me, and praises to Him on my lips.

And, I'll try not to worry about the storms moving in.  (Oh, when will I ever learn!?!)

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  1. Sarah, your attitude of gratitude is contagious. I think I'll go up to bed thinking of the things I have to be thankful for. And maybe tomorrow I'll make time to write about it. :)

    Praying that tomorrow is a wonderful day for you, for VBS and for your dear dad.