Thursday, June 6, 2013

Preschool lessons

Serious lessons are learned in preschool...
For instance:  Just because it's raining...okay...raining is not the right word.  Let's see here...Starting again...
Just because it's a "near monsoon" outside doesn't mean you can't have fun!  

Lydia's class was scheduled to go to Waldameer Park today for their field trip.  I was optimistic all week long...ignoring the growing threat of rain.  However, all my optimism didn't matter when I woke up this morning and rain was literally pounding our roof.  

Reluctantly, I packed towels, extra clothes, finally bought an umbrella and put on a smile...and wouldn't you know it?  We had FUN! 

Did you know that when the rain is relentless---the lines are non-existent?!  We rode every single ride Lydia wanted without waiting for a single one!  Some rides we were even able to ride all on our own!  It was a new way of experiencing Waldameer, and it reminded me of the Bible verse I remind myself of always, "Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS---again, I say rejoice!"  (emphasis added by me!)

The downpour of rain reminded me so much of this season our family is in.  Dad recovering from his stroke, Gramma and Aunt Terry recovering from their medical issues, car struggles, finances, me balancing three job, plus VBS and a foreign exchange student, AND still trying to find time to be "me."  It's a complete down pour.  But, I know that the rain is helpful.  It reminds us to be grateful for the times when the sunshines.  But more importantly, it reminds me that sometimes, in the middle of the rain, we just simply need to make our own sunshine! 

So, yeah, my toes are wrinkly.  And, even hours later, I'm still chilled to the bone.  Perhaps, I may be exhausted and borderline (or full-blown) grumpy at the end of this wet day, but I know it's a day I'll never forget.  I know this is a season in my life I will never forget.  And, I know that both this day and this season in my life have lots of forever lessons to goal is simply to be ready to learn them and to hopefully apply them as joyfully as I can.

Yet, here's the cold hard truth...It's hard for me to admit.  Tonight, as I digest the lessons learned from the field trip, I'll admit that I'm not really feeling very joyful.  I'm struggling tonight.  This endless grind...the no time at home, the unknown about my dad's future, feeling helpless and powerless and unable to solve very big and real problems, the messy house, the pure exhaustion I feel at the end of every's starting to wear on me.  

As I press on, I keep praying for the lessons to be internalized.  That I can cling to the hope and faith I profess tighter than I clung to my umbrella today.  I'm hoping that not only can I dry out my soggy feet tonight, but that I can dry my eyes, and cleanse my heart from a bit of a bad attitude that I've felt creeping in the last couple hours.  I know I'm only human, and that life can really work on us emotionally some times, but I also know I have available to me the power of the Holy Spirit to carry me through and to give me that real matter how hard the rain is coming down.

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  1. cannot possibly know how encouraging this is to me right now, tonight..thank you so much for sharing, and helping me to see the joy in the rain too. God has truly used you in a mighty way!! Thank you again!!