Sunday, June 9, 2013


Tomorrow is the start of the Cambridge Springs Community Vacation Bible School!  It's my third year being the director of the preschool program, which usually has about 60 kids ages 3-5!  

I tend to be a bit hyper about VBS!  I love sharing Jesus with children.  I love working with other adults who love Jesus to proclaim the gospel.  And, even if it is only for 15 hours one week, I enjoy making an impact in these kids' lives.  I can show them love, let them know their value in Christ, and help them know they are important, even if they are teeny, tiny people.
Unfortunately, this year, the sadness about my dad's health has clouded my VBS joy.  

However, in just the way the Holy Spirit works, at just the right time, I can feel the darkness lifting a little.  Today, I had the worst headache...toeing the line of a migraine. When I would step out of the house and into the sun, I would want to vomit.  I cried a lot today.  I wept for my dad and his health, the intense urgency I have for his salvation, but I wept for me too.  I miss feeling like myself.  Including the way I feel on VBS Eve.

Now that my headache finally went away (with the help of a lot of medicine, and a bottle of Coca-Cola), I am starting to feel a little bit more hopeful, and more energetic about tomorrow, and the rest of VBS week.  I know I can trust God to carry me through. I can trust the Lord to meet my needs, and I know that the reward for being faithful to Him, despite all the hardships all around me, can be big.  Who know?  Maybe that reward will even be a heart or two or sixty turning to Christ over the course of the week.  And maybe, soon, that reward will be one very special heart, the heart I've been praying for since the day I asked Jesus into my own heart, turning to Christ too!

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