Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wipe Out

Sometimes, as parents, or even as children, we do something not really because we enjoy it, but simply because other people in our family enjoy it.  And, by that simple choice of living sacrificially, we enjoy life richer, deeper, and happier.

Deep words for a simple decision that I made tonight---and will most likely make many Thursdays over the summer.  Micah LOVES the show Wipe Out.  I mean, the kid goes crazy.  He laughs, he dodges as he's watching the screen, he roots with the passion that I didn't know was in him!  Since we do not have any broadcast television in our home, Micah usually watches Wipe Out at Gramma and Papa's. He wanted us to go down.  They wanted us to come over as well.  

But, here's a little secret about me...I really do not like watching TV shows where people fall over and over.  It's like watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation all over again.  Except, if I was watching National Lampoon's Christmas vacation, I would shut the TV off about 37 minutes into it!  But, everyone else just loves watching this show.  So, I did what any good Mommy and Daughter would do.  I plopped down with everyone else, and decided to enjoy the time with them.

Because, really, in my mind, it wasn't about watching who would win the fifty grand or if "Team Brains" or "Team Braun" would be victorious (by the way...Go Brains!).  It was enjoying the fact that my dad is home.  It was relishing in the blessing that my children can go to my parents home, with both grandparents there.  Yes, things are different.  But, we were all together.  For that hour TV show, we were all happy.  I didn't even end up picking my "Little House on the Prarie" book off the table, because I actually was so taken with watching the look on my dad's face as he laughs.  Or just watching him watch Micah and Lydia react to the show.  Watching my mom cuddle with Lydia.  Giving David a hug in between commercial breaks.  Being in the same room with the people I love most in this world: My husband, my children and my parents...seriously, you just can't beat that.