Monday, March 26, 2012


2 lbs!  FINALLY!  It took me 24 days to lose that 2 lbs.  I'm so excited about that victory.

Meals planned.  Thoroughly.  FINALLY!  I have been neglecting this daily discipline...and I'm ready to make it a priority again.

My pink sweatshirt fits!  Amazingly well!  FINALLY!  I felt so cute and small (for a fat girl!) today when I put it on.  I bought it in August while I was in Nashville and I can FINALLY wear it!

It's been a rough 3 weeks and few days.  I was beginning to feel like I may never lose another pound since I started this blog.  But, this weekend was somewhat of a personal, spiritual turning point for me, and I realized that I had not been as diligent as I was beforehand in following the menu plan God led me to for lent.  I also had not been tracking calories with as much fervor, nor had I been planning my meals in advance, which always helped me succeed.  I had also been "cheating" on my diet...and quite a bit. *hanging my head in embarrassment*

So, I am using today's little successes as a springboard for the rest of this week.  I'm kind of low on grocery money (don't feel bad for me...I knew I was using grocery money for a recent purchase that I didn't *have to have*), so I'm going to be practicing creative obedience!  I'm planning on spending all kinds of time in God's word.  I'm going to be memorizing these four verses (1 John 4:4, Rev 12:11, James 4:7, 1 John 5:5) that I have been putting off...FINALLY!  I plan on walking at least a little every single day.  Today, I'm doing things that are good for me...spiritually, physically, emotionally!!!

But, after having said all those things, I have to share that I am feeling a little weak this morning.  If I didn't have that springboard of success this morning, I probably would not be able to move forward.  That's why I think it is so important to claim victory whenever we have the chance.  It gives us strength.  Right now, I need all the strength I can get, and even moving my fingers to type or moving my lips to praise the Lord seems like so much work on a Monday morning, when my baby girl is whiny (not much new there!) and the sky is a bit cloudy and I have a full day of housework (at two homes) ahead of me.  I think that is why the Psalms talk so often about God being our strength.  Our provider.  Our portion.  Our Father.  Our encouragement.  

I can move forward with my day knowing that God will supply me everything I need, that he gives me victories at just the right moments, and that because of all those things, I can move forward with my goals...and FINALLY succeed!


  1. Been there so often. I can really relate. Just remember it's a marathon not a sprint and God has so much to teach us as He loves us along our journey. It's wonderful that you remain committed. You're an inspiration as you write about what so many of us has struggled with but didn't have the courage to share.

  2. Congratulations on that couple of pounds GONE -- terrific! And for moving forward with your goals.