Thursday, May 2, 2013

Goodbye, Patsy

You all know how much I adore my husband.  Dreamy is my name of choice for the man God has given me.  I feel I may not do a lot well in this world, but loving my husband is the one skill I possess that I'm most confident of.  I have loved my husband through thick and thin and I feel that in eight years of marriage I have served God by loving this man deeply, passionately, and in a forgiving manner.

Just like any good skill---I had to learn it from someone.
Of course, I have my parents, who after 30 years of marriage are still in love.  I have taken many great things from their relationship.

But, there is one woman who forever molded me in how to love my man.

Her name was Patsy.  Patsy's husband name is Bob.  The love they exude for one another falls into the categories of "eternal," "real," "inspiring," and "adorable."  Everyone around them would tell you how much they adore one another.

I remember early on in my relationship with David, Patsy did something very out of the norm for her...she came to visit me alone.  My friend Marion was there too, and the three of us sat on my dorm room bed, where I served hot pocket cooked from my low watt microwave and we talked about many things.  But, Patsy said something that night that has stuck with me.  I can't remember the exact wording but it was along the lines of, "This has been fun.  But, I really enjoy my time with Bob.  I don't feel me when I'm apart from him for too long."

Both Bob and Patsy gave David and I many, many pointers those early years of dating, engagement, and marriage.  I remember them encouraging us to not be afraid to kiss in front of Micah (he was our only child at the time.)  I remember them telling us to keep our passion and love alive.  She encouraged me to praise my husband whenever I could.

Patsy taught me how to love my husband.  She invested in me.  She made me want to serve my husband and make him the happiest man alive.

It pains me to say that I learned today of Patsy's departure from earth.  I  know she's in Heaven.  I also know she has not been a daily part of my life for some time now, since we've both changed churches, but oh, to imagine an earth that is void of Patsy is a hard feat for me.  Her passion for Bob was great, her love for God even greater...

Patsy---I hope you know that you have made an eternal impact in our home...and I'm sure countless others.  I'm so thankful that you invested time into me as a young lady.  I know Heaven is even better than you imagined.  See you there someday, sweet friend.  Love, Sarah

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