Friday, May 24, 2013

The Physical Benefits

Earlier this week, I wrote a statement that said, "I wish I would have made more time to write last week."   Well--I certainly did not want to feel that way again, so I've carved out several slices of time to write over the past few days.

Writing makes me so much more aware of what is happening in my heart, in my life, and what is going on around me.  Taking what you see around you and putting it down on paper (or computer screen!) takes observation, reflection, and insight.

I'm thankful that God is teaching me through writing how to be more in tune with my family, friends, surroundings, and even God's prompting in my life.

By wearing my "writing cap" most of the time now, I am aware of things quicker than I used to be.  And I'm more likely to pay attention to my body and how I'm feeling.  Yesterday, I noticed that I was not feeling well.  I was dizzy on more than one occasion yesterday.  I felt weak.  By the time I arrived home at 5:00pm, I noticed I felt feverish.  These are all things that I would have ignored before my writing days, or I simply would have pushed through them.  But, instead, I paid close attention to my body signals, and I laid down.  Not only did I lay down, but I slept.  From 5:00 pm until 6:30 this morning.

I woke up this morning feeling refreshed.  My fever was gone.  I didn't hurt anywhere.  And I felt joy from knowing I took good care of my body last night by giving it exactly what it needed.  Sleep.  13.5 hours of it.

I'm thankful for how writing heals my soul, helps me accomplish goals, and how I can use writing to really tune into my world.  But, now I'm seeing even greater benefits of penning my thoughts and observations.  I firmly believe my observant view of the world as a writer helped me avoid what could have been days of sickness just by paying attention to my body's signs early on and getting the rest I needed!

Another physical benefit?  This morning, I weighed in at my lowest weight yet in 2013!  I still haven't reached my 320 that I was aiming for on my birthday, but I weighed in at 322 today.  I know that writing what and why I eat is helping me.  I know that getting my goals on paper is leading to success.  And I know that by learning to take in all details of my life is really helping me get to the root of my issues once and for all!

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  1. And God knew you were going to need to be rested up for what was facing your family on the weekend! I'm so glad you listened up!!!