Sunday, May 19, 2013

What's on my mind.

Each day, I log in to Facebook, and I see the light gray question: "What's on your mind?"

What a loaded question!

Oh, only about three and a half million things. Shall we discuss?

David's Gramma is recovering from open heart surgery.  I just wish she didn't have to suffer like this.
I've taken on 3 part time jobs--I hope I can please all three of the people I'm working for immensely.  
I wish I had carved more time out to write this last week.
How am I paying for the next tank of gas?
Is it okay if I am only able to visit Gramma Humes one time this week?  
Will I be able to be all I want to be for my children this summer?
Should I start laundry tonight?
I wonder what Lareina's up to?
I wish I could ride a bike without my tush hurting.  I would pedal for miles.
How can I grow closer to the Lord without printing out a legalistic "to-do" checklist each day?
What can I do to make you smile today?
Does my husband understand the depth of love I have for him?
Have I prayed with my children enough today?
Did I smile at them more than I chastised them?
Will I be able to make my Gram's kitchen look as beautiful as I want for her?
How will riding a bus with 60 first graders go on Tuesday?
Will I be able to do all the walking that I need to at the Deer Park for that field trip with Micah?
I hope that the other kids do not make fun of Micah for the way I look.
I need to write my menu plans out for the week.
I wish I couldn't hear a rodent scurrying around in between our walls at night.
How do we rectify that situation?
Am I doing enough to impact this world?
Am I taking enough time to just relax?
Where is that balance?

That right there, friends, is a true story.  

My mind is racing.  So, as much as I like all of you, I believe the right thing for me to do now is to close the laptop, and open my prayer journal.  I'll be writing pretty much the same list, but this time, I'll be devoting those thoughts and worries of my heart to the the Lords care.  I pray you can do the same.  

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  1. I Peter 5:7 What a perfect ending to a well written post! I'll pray for you -- casting all of our collective cares on God who cares so much about us!