Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WAG #2

It's WAG time!
What are YOU thankful for today?

I will be completely honest here...I am not feeling very typical of myself today.  Even though the sunshine is brilliant, my emotions are a bit on the cloudy side.

I felt it coming on yesterday, with the end of Imagine You Renewed.  Just a recap, in case you do not remember, Imagine You Renewed was a 12 week course that I joined.  It dealt with all aspects of healthy living...spiritual being the most important, with the physical and emotional health heavily addressed as well.  The end of the sessions has been tugging on my heart strings.  I have been learning things that change my life, and I've been learning such things from people who have become friends, friends who deeply understand the spiritual connection of my weight loss journey.  And it just so happens that my body revolted at working out last night.  I started the workout with an awful cramp in my leg, but I kept pushing through, sometimes with tears in my eyes.  I was happy with my hard work, but just felt so frustrated that my body is still not over this cramping situation.

Anyways, so I knew from the workout last night, and my gloomy kind of mood that I most likely needed some extra rest.  I did get up with the kids early this morning, sewed a hole in a pair of shorts for Micah, assembled Lydia's hair as princess-like as I could, gave the family a round of hugs, kisses, and I Love You's, and headed back to bed.  My sweet husband drove the kids to school, and I collapsed, drifting very rapidly back into the DreamLand.

Even after my extra sleep, and waking up to a beautiful, sunny, warm day, I still feel a little down.

But, I guess that is where my Attitude of Gratitude comes in.  I am exceedingly grateful for GRACE.  Grace from God that makes allowances for my sinful nature, and covers me with a righteousness that I could never achieve on my own.  But, I am also grateful for the GRACE that those around me show for my short comings.  My husband was willing to rearrange his morning schedule a bit, just so I could take what I needed for my own mental health.  I'm thankful that even though I am usually very perky and bouncy, that my friends and family have enough grace to accept the fact that sometimes my life is not all bubbles and rainbows and sugar drops falling at sunset!  I'm grateful that those who read my blog share support much more than they share criticism (although, sometimes a little constructive criticism is necessary).  I'm so thankful that my readers understand that even though they may not be 326 pounds this morning, that I am.  And sometimes waking up with that reality is hard to swallow, even though I've been fighting this reality so hard.  And I'm also thankful that I'm learning to give myself a little more grace.  I am learning my limits.  I'm putting those limits into practice.  And I know that deep down my heart is still overflowing with gratitude, even if my mood is fogging up the view...but sometimes you just have to accept the fog is there for the moment.  And trust the Son to burn it away throughout the day.

So GRACE is the word for the day.  Making allowances for other's shortcomings.  Appreciating the beauty of someone despite their faults.  Learning your own limitations.  Letting God wrap his righteousness around you, simply because He loves you.  May GRACE overflow abundantly in your life today.

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