Monday, May 20, 2013

Significant Work

Today I worked hard.  
Actually, I've been in a season of hard work lately.  
Maybe I should find a way to rephrase that...

God has impressed on me the importance of my daily work and as a result, I've been going at it harder than ever, and with a renewed fervor.

God's showing me that all the little things I do in a day..even if they seem insignificant, can be a ministry.  After all, those little tooshies that I'm wiping?  They were entrusted to me by God.  That handsome man that is walking through the door after a hard day of work?  He's a gift to me, straight from the Lord.  What a special ministry it is to welcome him to a clean home, with a tasty dinner to nourish his body.  And all those countless phone calls I need to make: returning phone calls to friends, scheduling appointments, lining up VBS helpers, and keeping in touch with family---that's my opportunity to shed kindness to a world that often deals with rude, curt people on the other end of the phone line.  

I'm learning day by day that my family, my neighborhood, my friends, even my Facebook page are chances to connect, encourage, and bless people.  I believe I'm here, right now, doing what I'm doing because God has appointed me here for such a time as this.

I am really finding my role as a homemaker.  I take joy in cleaning our home.  I love blessing people with home-cooked food.  I love praying for those who are important to me while I focus on the task at hand. It seems old fashioned.  But, God is showing me that my "insignificant" work is important.  I am centering my ministry out of my home, using hospitality and relationships as my springboard. 

And while cleaning the toilet may seem menial at the moment, if God gives me the chance to entertain angels, I want to make sure the bowl is ready for them!

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  1. A post full of contentment, encouragement, and joy. A good read to end my day on. Good night and God bless.