Monday, January 20, 2014

A Humble Plea on a Monday Morning

It's Monday morning.  I normally embrace the beginning of a new week.  I love the fresh starts, and the excitment, and the planning of what will happen during the upcoming seven days.  So, yes, it's Mondays.  And I love Mondays.  But--- it's been a weird one.
For starters, my returning energy that I've been experiencing in 2014 has left the building as a very intense, and awful case of sinusitis has set in.  I feel like a zombie.  In fact, I'm sure there are people who think I look like one too.  Yesterday, my face was so swollen that I could see it.  Without using a mirror.  Folks, the fact of the matter is, you should NOT be able to see your own face!
It's also the official start of Made to Crave.  Well, yesterday was, technically...but I think that Mondays are a much better day to start. Usually.  
Unless you ate a 100% carb breakfast.  And you've drank two coffees that had more creamer in them then coffee.  And, you are not sure how in the world you will ever exercise again since you feel you will be sick until Jesus returns...
If that is the case, then Monday is pretty much a terrible day to start your new lifestyle.
So, I'm humbly asking my friends to pray for me.  Because, just when I needed a boat load of energy to accomplish my goals, the ship set sail and took my steam with it.  And I'm sitting here typing a blog about weight loss and spirituality, utterly clueless, feeling helpless and without power.  So, that's where I am at today.  I'm weak.  I'm sick.  I'm tired.  And I can't find my "Want To" (a phrase borrowed from Lysa TerKeurst) or my motivation right now.  I'm begging you to pray that it will all sail back to me and that I can do exactly what I'm supposed to today.  Because, this is not how I wanted to start my Made to Crave season at all.

But, at least I got to do make overs with this little cutie! :)  So, there's a high point to every day, I guess.  :) Lydia's Video about Makeovers

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  1. You, dear Sarah, are the queen of lemonade! (But I'll say a prayer for you anyway, while I'm walking in circles looking for my muse.)