Monday, January 27, 2014


Today I did lots of cooking.  Mostly chicken.  But, I cooked chicken in a couple different forms---and before that chicken actually ended up in my crockpot and skillet, it spilled all over my kitchen counter.  I had gross raw chicken juice spilling everywhere!  It got underneath my utensil spinner which in turn meant that not only did I have a ton of chicken to cook, I had to sanitize my counter AND all my utensils and the holder.  
It made for a bunch of extra cleaning that I was not in the mood for.  By the time all my preliminary clean up was done, and the cooking completed, my kitchen was an even bigger mess.  Things were misplaced, ingredients were sitting on the stove top and counter, and dishes were heaping over my sink.  I was overwhelmed.  Infact, I was so overwhelmed that I just walked away.  I chatted on the phone.  I texted with a few people.  I even played Candy Crush during the day, which I never do.  Here it was, naptime, my prime time for getting things done---and I was doing NOTHING.
That is how I feel with my weight loss right now.  I'm in my prime time for losing weight.  It's never going to get any easier than this.  This season, I'm at home.  I've got lots of time to cook, menu plan, and make great choices.  Even with my babysitting clients, I can still exercise (they love watching me bike, and they giggle at me as I do the Walk Away the Pounds videos).  These kids are wonderful and actually make it easier for me to meet my goals.  Sometimes the little boy I watch will even carry over my resistance bands and tell me to get busy.  
Yet, I feel so overwhelmed, that I do NOTHING.
So, I'm going to try something new.
When I'm overwhelmed with my kitchen, I set a timer.  I work as hard as I can for 8 or 10 minutes.  I call it a cleaning blitz.   Afterwards, the kitchen looks much better.  It's not perfect, but it's better.
And truth be told, I'll usually continue for a few minutes after the timer because I just want to finish up the progress I made in those ten minutes.
So, I'm going to try this for weight loss this week.
From Tuesday until Thursday I'm aiming to try as hard as I can.  No desserts.  No skipping exercising or Bible readings.  I will plan out my my meals, prepare them properly and basically I intend on having three stellar days in a row.  I'm not going to think about what happens after Thursday.  Only that I'm planning on kicking butt from here until then.  It's like a 10 minute cleaning spree, except with weight loss.  And just like when I'm cleaning my kitchen, I'm going to focus on the next thing.  I walk my self step by step through...I will put away the poppy seeds, I will put away the sugar, let me put these dishes in the dishwasher.  Step by step.  I'll do the same thing.  Let me eat some yogurt and a clementine for breakfast.  Have some tea and lemon for a snack.  Let's enjoy some grilled chicken and broccoli for lunch.  I'm going to drink some water now.  Okay, I'm biking next.  Step by step.  Bite by bite.  And just for now, the next three days.  Instead of a cleaning blitz, I'm going to do a healthy eating blitz.  And I fully plan on rocking it!


  1. Just like the old saying goes, One Day At A Time! :)

  2. Great idea...repurposing the writing blitz in two ways. You are so creative! Go, Sarah, go!!!