Thursday, January 23, 2014

Permissible AND Beneficial

Okay, let's start off today's blog post with some definitions from

Permissible: that can be permitted, allowable
Beneficial: advantageous, helpful

Through the scope of those definitions, let's revisit the chocolate cake incident from yesterday.  (Here's a link, just in case you missed it)  Technically, is chocolate cake allowed?  Sure.  After all, a birthday party is almost always better with cake!  And, I've never seen someone thrown out of church hall because they entered with a Tupperware carrier full of chocolate cake.  So, permissible?  Sure.

Now, is it beneficial?  Well, let's see.  It has not helped me one bit with being healthier.  It did not draw me closer to my family or God.  And, it actually led me down a road of self sabotage.  So, I'd say it gets a "no" there.  Not beneficial.  Not beneficial at all.

But, we pretty much covered that yesterday, now didn't we?

Basically, the point that Lysa TerKerst makes in the first couple of chapters of Made to Crave is that really, this isn't about a lists of yes's and no's.   It's not about, I "can" eat celery, but I "can't" eat cake.  It's more about a thought shift...I could eat that cake...BUT...will it benefit me?  Will it help me achieve my ultimate goals which are to 1. Draw near to God.  2.  Get healthier  3.  Lose weight.

And by taking away the rules, and putting the choice in my own lap, it gives me power.  Realizing that I have the power to say YES or NO to certain foods should empower me.  Yes, I need the help of the Holy Spirit to make the right choices , but what freedom there is by knowing that it's up to me.  It's not up to Lysa TerKeurst, or the FDA, or my friends.  I know what will benefit me.  And I need to choose food that is both permissible AND beneficial.  And sometimes, that will mean, choosing to avoid that chocolate cake.  Lesson learned.  Off to apply.


  1. I would be fighting the same inner battle... especially over some chocolate cake!! I am praying you through! We can do this!! God is big and awesome and kind! Craving Him will make all the difference!

  2. Thank you for opening up your heart for us. God is so amazing. He doesn't flip out of love us any less when we eat those 3 pieces of chocolate cake. But, He loves us so much - He wants what is best for us. I am with you, learning to choose what is not only permissible, but that which is beneficial.

  3. Another possibility is that the cake has been "beneficial" in that it has drawn you closer to God. Just a thought.


  4. I like how you defined the words first! Thank you for sharing your heart with us. I will keep you in prayer through this journey as you, and I, learn to reach for what is beneficial!

  5. Really enjoyed your post about chocolate cake....thanks for being real!!

  6. Awesome post and yes, when we look at our choices logically over emotionally, we usually are much better off!! Loved reading your post!! Thanks very much for sharing :)

    Trish (Blog Hop Team)

  7. Amen, sister! You are right... we are solely responsible for making choices that will benefit us. I have been in the position that you were in with the chocolate cake more times than I can count! It takes a strong person to admit when the stumble. I will be praying for you! Aren't you loving the support all the MTC ladies are giving! I am!

  8. Thanks for sharing. I used the permissible/beneficial verse several times today at work to avoid the candy bars that I usually eat every day. I just love the verse; it's easy to remember and easy to apply.

  9. I applaud you, my sister in Christ!! I love how you said its not up to Lysa nor the FDA!! We have to have the want to and make our own choices. Its never an option to pass off to another person to do .... oh... I would in a heart beat IF it would work!! LOL