Sunday, January 12, 2014


On Friday morning, I woke up at 5:27 am.  I contemplated getting back into bed, but I reminded myself that I had decided the night before that I would get out of bed when the alarm rang.  I made sure I thought about how little sacrifice after little sacrifice can make a big difference.  I took a nice hot shower, and headed downstairs.  There I put on a youtube video of Scripture verses that were being read to me while I stretched.  My lower back had been plaguing me (and still is) so I figured I better take a day off the biking and do some lower impact exercising that morning.
I spent 27 minutes allowing God's peace to relax me, and asking Him to use me and to fill me with the Holy Spirit.  After that, I did some reading for the Christ Project (it's a 60 day New Testament adventure...let me know if you want more details!).  Then, I made a cup of coffee, and cuddled with my Lydia who had come down stairs and fallen back asleep on our comfy green loveseat.
Not long after that, the two year old I'm currently babysitting arrived with his mom for the morning drop off.  I juggled getting him settled in and my kids ready to leave for school.  David made me a protein shake and I drank lots of water.
David ended up not having to go into work that morning, so we played with our two year old visitor, picked up, vacuumed, and then we played dominoes.  It was an intense game, full of laughter and phrases like "Boo-yah!' and "I can't believe you blocked me!"
Nap time for the little one rolled around, and I decided to do a walk away the pounds video where I did a one mile walk (David even joined me for some of it).  
I remember as I finished up the rest of my to-do list that day that if every morning was like that, I would be leading an almost perfect life.  I would be spiritual healthier, more relaxed, and probably the next fifty pounds would just fall off of me!
Except--- the fact of the matter is that rarely does a morning go like that. Usually mornings consist of hitting the snooze alarm, not getting my shower because I'm busy caring for someone else, and my Bible time usually means reading the devotional off my phone in the school parking lot while I'm waiting to pick my kids up from school (or sometimes in the bathroom, because, let's face it, a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do sometimes!).  Many mornings David isn't there to help and instead of a protein shake, I either skip breakfast or eat something that is unhealthy for me (pop tarts, anyone?)
That's why Friday is sticking out in my brain so much.
But, because I'm me, and I choose to fix my mind on the good, I am going to praise God that he gave me an opportunity to have a morning immersed in His word, in relationships, in fitness, and in good choices.
Yes, it's true.  Very few of my mornings start out the way Friday did.  But, every morning has the possibility to be another Friday. Here's to the determination to making more "Fridays" possible!

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  1. Amen to that! Hopefully you will get another "Friday" soon. :)