Thursday, January 16, 2014

Why I'm doing Made to Crave...AGAIN!

3 more days!  3 more days!
Yes, in 3 more days I'm doing my annual Made to Crave Bible study.  Some of you who have followed me for a while know that this will be my third time doing Made to Crave as the online Bible Study.  
Maybe you are asking yourself why someone would study a weight loss Bible book, not once or twice, but three time (and actually, this is more like my fifth time...I've done it with other groups besides an online Bible study!).  Let me share with you my reasons.
1.  The first year I studied Made to Crave it changed my life.
2.  Last year, I felt like I did not put my whole heart into Made to Crave, and I plan to rectify that this year.
3.  I've got goals, baby!  I want to hit 100 pounds lost this year, and I need to center my heart on Christ if I'm going to meet my goals.
4.  I LOVE learning from other women across the country and the world who struggle with the same battle I struggle with.  We could use this battle to bring each other down, but instead we build each other up!  There are over 35,000 women in this Bible study (some of them are probably men too!) who are committed to surrendering this area of their life to God.  Talk about encouraging!
5.  I love the Word of God.  And I love the fact that Made to Crave is not just a book of opinions about losing weight.  It's a book written to show us what the Bible has to say about it.  Knowing what God says, and learning His best for us reminds me of how loved I am and how much good He wants in my life.
6.  By participating in Made to Crave each year, it helps me not give up.  I realize that it has taken me 3 years to lose 65 pounds.   But, if I had not starting handing my weight issue over to God, I'm afraid that I could have been 65 pounds HEAVIER by now.  Praise be to God that I'm not!!!  

So, now that I shared my reasons, I want to invite you that if you are stuck in a vicious cycle of weight struggles and you want to join me, please, come along.  On Facebook, look up Proverbs 31 Ministries!  Join the Made to Crave Study!  And experience victory over these issues in a way you never have before!

Another exciting thing about the online Bible study is that on Thursday's they host a Blog Hop.  This year I've decided to participate, so each Thursday you have a blog hop post to read too!!!  And, if you ended up here from the blog hop, welcome!  I'm glad you stopped by!

So, 3 more days!  I can't wait to refocus, and keep achieving the great things God has in store for me!  (And YOU!)


  1. Great post. I LOVE that there are 3500 others doing this study with us! What encouragement!!! Looking forward to it

  2. Hi Sarah! Great to know you've done the study before and enjoyed it...its my first time doing it and I'm excited about it! I hope you hit your 100 lbs...we'll keep cheering you on for that!

  3. Wooo-hooo!!! Excited to see what God is going to do on your continued journey!! Thanks for sharing and blessings to you :)

    Trish (OBS small group leader and Blog Hop team)

  4. I like this...the reasons why you wanna continue this study. That's awesome! Thank you for sharing! :)

  5. I've got goals, baby! I LOVE THIS! :) This is my first OBS and my first time doing anything with P31. I'm so excited to be involved in something that includes women encouraging women. Can't wait to get started!!!

  6. I was drawn to your title with the word "again." I'm so happy to see that you're down more than 60 pounds over a period of years. I am 64 and lost about that much or more over a year of stringent dieting several times, only to regain that much and usually 20 more. I'm now about 150 lbs overweight and disgusted with myself! This is my second time to BEGIN a study of the book. Yes, the emphasis on begin! I'm definitely stuck in the intro chapter, finding my "want to." I'm so afraid of failing one more time that I don't want to even try. You're inspiring! Keep it up!